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Default Thursday Morning Coffee Talk (With a Shot of Baileys) Steelers @ Titans

So tonight is a pretty big game. Win or bust this season in my eyes. Not ganna lie this game worries me a bit and here is why...

For one, it's another trap game. @Tennessee on Prime Time Television against a team that desperately needs a win. Though Hasslebeck doesn't scare me as much as he did going into Superbowl 40 back when, he still can throw and honestly I believe he is the better option at QB for Tennessee when it comes down to it. Locker is still wet under the ears and needs that veteran QB like Hasslebeck still to show him the way.

The second reason why this game makes me nervous is the defense of the Steelers still not being healthy. Yes, Harrison is back but can him and Timmons carry the load all night, or does Chris Johnson show why he's still Chris Johnson.

Which brings me to my third reason why I am nervous and that is will Chris Johnson wanna get off his stack of millions and show why he earned those millions tonight? Even if he does awful for the rest of the season (and yes, he is that awful... just check my fantasy team! Starting Mendy over him this week!) he might want to try and show boat some of his skills on Prime Time. Pretty sure Deion, M. Faulk, and the rest of those yuppies would eat up a comeback game if he has one later tonight.

So this game concerns me tonight as it gets closer to game time. Yes, it sounds like an easy opponent on paper but with injuries on the D and the Titans fighting for a season this worries me. Especially it being an away game. Thoughts?

It's game day...
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