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Default Re: Thursday Morning Coffee Talk (With a Shot of Baileys) Steelers @ Titans

First off, I don't think a loss here is a "bust" for the season by any stretch. I have concerns over every game whether or not we are beating teams by 30 or just squeeking out wins. This is the NFL, any given game day right?
That being said, i expect a Steelers win tonight and maybe by double digits, and heres' why.

We weren't sharp against Philly on offense, that should change. THis will be Mendy's second game back ( I can see 100 yards rushing for him) and I really don't expect to see another game of WR dropsies like we saw against the Eagles.
Defensively, If Timmons is used the way he was against Philly, I can't really see CJ getting untracked. Our DL played better at the point of attack and if we can cut the penalties in half on both O and D this should be a very big win.
I was impressed with Worilds against Philly and hopefully he builds on that performance. If we are able to bring the same pressure , it will result in more sacks and turnovers as Hasselbeck isnt nearly as mobile as Vick.
Just my opinion though, I tend to be very optimistic on game day and try not to succumb to the "if we don't win our season is over" mentality that a lot of posters have on this site.
Yes we have injuries, but champions overcome those injuries and we will see where this group is headed. I still think a 12-4 or 11-5 record is extremely possible. Remember our Offense hasn't really "jelled" yet and it will come sooner than later.

Steelers 31 Titans 14

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