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Default Re: Thursday Morning Coffee Talk (With a Shot of Baileys) Steelers @ Titans

Well said, Rick. Let me rephrase what I said earlier about win or bust though. I do agree with you thoughts that champions over come losses as well as injuries, but it also worries me because in the past when the Steelers lost to opponents during a playoff run, it was usually to quality teams. Oakland is not a quality team and that was a trap game as soon as you saw it was in Oakland! Basically, what I meant to say was, if the Steelers lose tonight, it's going to put a lot more thought into play as when will Polamalu and Woodley be fully healthy and back, and can we hang with the big dogs (New England, Baltimore, Denver) this season or not. Not to sound like a dweller, I just wanna keep this topic going.... ya know, something to stew over until game time. I like your prediction and I'll throw mine in, too.

Steelers 28 Titans 10

Mendy 100+ 2 TDs.
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