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Default Re: Thursday Morning Coffee Talk (With a Shot of Baileys) Steelers @ Titans

All points made were spot on. We will win. Not just win but probably lay a spanking on the Titans for multiple reasons.
On offense, were pretty much loaded with talent. The WR's won't have the dropsies like the last game. Fit in a little bit of Heath Miller and Mendenhall and we have a explosive game. We're loaded with depth at the WR position. And if the oline honestly plays like they did against the eagles, who have a damn good pass rush and dline, we will be fine.

On the defense, just let them play! Timmons was a damn monster. Just hoping it wasnt one of those once a year games where he finds himself. The dline should get excellent penetration to set Worilds and Harrison up for sucess. Put ike one on one with Britt....which may result in a few pass interference penalties lol but I want him shadowed. Let Clark blow stuff up like he always does. Call me crazy but should you think we should mix a little Robert Golden in there to see what he has?

With those thoughts out there, we will win 35-14. Thats my prediction! GO STEELERS!
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