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Default Re: Steelers get no...

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
True.....i get sick and tired of hearing how "horrible" we are, how "old" we are, and how much we suck every time Rob Parker is on (which is alot).
Thank goodness Stephen A Smith is a Steelers fan.
Originally Posted by teegre View Post

The sportscasters should be talking about the return of Droppy Mendenspin, and how he could turn this offense into an elite one (from a really good one)... but, they don't.

Instead, all we hear is the same drivel (about Troy's calf, Harrison's age, and Lewis's inexperience).
its not just the media. its heard on steelers message boards, like this one, as well.

i guess it makes it easier to decipher who is gobbling all the shit the media spoon feeds.

theres alot folks uber angered with the steelers 2-2 record. it makes them think irrational thoughts, and type irrational sentences.
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