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Default Terry Bradshaw not impressed with Drew Brees.,5891343.story

I really like Terry. In my eyes, he isn't agenda driven, unfair, or dishonest. He's a football guy, an honest one, more, I think, than a hack broadcaster or sports-journalist spin-doctor.

I think he's dead on. Drew Brees, go win a freaking football game.

I can't remember anytime, ever, in all my years of watching the NFL, a player acting like such a shameless self promoter on the level that Drew Brees has.

I remember last year against the Rams, the Saints got totally blown out. The game was totally finished, and Brees got completely shut down, but with a `W` completely out of reach, they kept him in with like 40 seconds to go to throw his pointless touchdown pass to keep his streak alive.

I've watched Barry Sanders walk away from football with Walter Payton's rushing record a season away.

I've watched Tom Brady break 100 records more impressive than Drews, and do it with more style and more credibility, without so much as an endzone celebration.

Yet every time Brees does anything, or basically manufactures a record, he wants to throw a parade for himself.

I just don't think Brees has the intangibles of a great historic quarterback.
He seems to have a great character deficiency.

Seeing him lately just makes me sick.

Terry Bradshaw is the man for being the one figure in sports-media to tell it like it is.
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