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Default Re: Tackling the catch

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
because its real life, not a video game.

the poles had a fantastic calvary, and a brilliant scheme with some of the most valiant men with heart to protect their land, but unfortunately they were no match for the german tanks in WWII.

after getting slaughtered despite the heart, effort, and "gameplan" they were rewarded with nothing but a bunch of "dumb pollack" jokes.

Well this is one Polack who can do without the analogies and colorful anecdotes and would just like to see our defense coming OFF the field after an opponent's 3rd and long instead of sending more "cavalry" ONTO the field to defend against our opponent's new set of downs.

Oh and it would be nice to maybe play a game where we DON'T give up an 80-yard drive late in the 4th quarter too!
I mean I know doing that has become a sort of tradition lately but still...
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