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Default Re: Terry Bradshaw not impressed with Drew Brees.

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post,5891343.story

I really like Terry. In my eyes, he isn't agenda driven, unfair, or dishonest. He's a football guy, an honest one, more, I think, than a hack broadcaster or sports-journalist spin-doctor.

Terry Bradshaw is the man for being the one figure in sports-media to tell it like it is.
I give Bradshaw credit for developing a broadcasting persona that has served him well for almost 30 years - there is no way I would have seen Terry as the 70s NFL player who would have a big post-football broadcasting career.

And he was the QB for 4 Super Bowl winning Steelers teams - if he is a jerk those wins more than make up for it

That having been said, Bradshaw always has seemed to have issues with other players (he was inducted into Canton by his broadcast partner Verne Lundquist rather than a teammate (no way he would have asked Chuck Noll at the time)).

And FWIW long-time Pittsburgh sportswriter Bob Smizik, who is no rip artist, has said at various times

"I am no fan of Bradshaw the person and consider him one of the biggest phonies to ever play in this town"

"I've found Bradshaw to be a world-class phony. He'll say anything for a reaction."

"He's the biggest phony I've ever covered. The fact he ``made his peace'' with Pittsburgh does not alter that fact."

My guess is Smizik is not just popping off with regard to an opinion he has repeated many times

So for once I sympathize with Ben if there are issues between #7 and #12
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