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Default Re: Steelers get no...

Careful with the homer-ism here. We're like a year past Ben being tops on that most hated NFL player opinion poll. Do you think the sheep masses care that Ben is taking less sacks this year? No. Another news flash...casual fans likely know nothing about Haley. Do you think the bulk of NFL fans give a damn that we're throwing to Miller more on short passes? No.

That sort of in depth review is reserved for dedicated fans. Dedicated fans aren't sitting around dying for NFL Network to educate them. These shows are targeted to the lowest common denominator...casual fans across the nation. The majority of casual fans that don't own a terrible towel likely have zero interest in a 2-2 Steeler team.

We're a very small market team, even if we do travel well. If you want good coverage, get it from Pittsburgh media. Let the rest have their dose of Brady Bunch and leave them to it.
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