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Default Re: Suishams attitude .

In regards to this loss against the Titans.......I kind of feel bad that they had to rely on Suisham to win after the offense already relied on him so much and from so far this game (and season) already. He'd already just kicked a 52 yarder - yet they ask him to go ahead with a 54 yarder - which I think was essentially a less than 50-50 proposition. If they wanted to play the game risky like that in closing moment, they should have either just gone for it on 4th down or punted it. Why the coaches put any faith on our defense, on the road, and - let's just assume that Suisham was "due" or perhaps even fated to miss this one after making so many - had the D come through, chances are, it would have only amounted to an OT game even if they HAD managed to hold the Titans beyond me.

Very poor play calling in the end. We're letting teams hang on for way WAY too long. The difference between a W or an L shouldn't come down to a field goal nearly every single game, and yet, as we begin to enter mid-season, that seems to have become the Steelers MO.
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