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Default Re: Tomlin's stock dropping

Originally Posted by Raw Steel View Post
The decision to kick the 54-yard field goal was a bad one. We all know Suisham can make that kick, but you have to look at the consequences if you miss in a tie game. It's different when it's the third quarter or early in the game. The field position was basically a short field with a defense who just gave up an 80-yard drive to a team who had the longest streak in the NFL without an 80+ yard touchdown drive. It's interesting how Tomlin didn't trust his defense a couple weeks back, but that didn't affect his decision this time around.

I really have to question his football IQ. Too many bad decisions over the years.

Finally, I hated when people said this but they always said Tomlin won with Cowher's players but I am starting to think that might have been the case, The talent-level on this team has taken a major step back. Part of that is on Colbert and the scouts. But it falls on Tomlin as well.

I hope this is just a slump. But I have seen a very undisciplined team, a very soft defense and a very unfocused offense and underachieving offense. Oh, yeah and pretty bad special teams that actually was the difference in the game.

Maybe we need a 6-10 season to wake everyone up in the organization.

I agree i would have punted; but it is quite obvious he does not trust the d. He doesn't look too bright right now.
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