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Default The Official "I'm so angry" Thread


please keep in mind that your anger and disgust with the steelers is no more valid or meaningful than anyone elses, so please keep it all in one thread.

if youre ready to throw in your terrible towel on the season, do it in this thread.

if you are going to suggest the steelers should tank the rest of the season for a high draft pick, do it in this thread as you wish and hope for the likes of decastro and spence to be back on the squad. keep in mind our current PROFESSIONAL players dont give a SHIT about any kid in college entering next years draft.

if you just want to vent... keep it in this thread.

if you think ike taylor sucks and lebeau needs to go on arians "retirement plan" keep it in this thread.

the multitude of threads of the same gripe will be merged or locked.

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