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Originally Posted by SteelCurtain5643 View Post
Its not like were horribly injured though, I mean the running game is the major thing now, especially if both Mendy and Redman are out a long period of time. Troy, yeah thats a big injury but he's getting older. Our offense is still healthy(again aside from the running game), the D is ok, just need to get Woodley back in a hurry. The only thing is we need to consistently finish games with the same offensive line we start with. Every game we rotate like 8 guys because of injury and thats insane, I've never seen such a thing before. Something needs to be done conditioning wise or something, or like I stated in an earlier post, fire the whole training staff, because these guys cant keep going down every single game and then expect Ben to be fine in the pocket with NO protection.
yeah the OL and Woodley/Harrison Rotations every other game have just been bleeping crazy

The names of our starting OL shuffle more then a slot machine

Even our crappy OL in 08 stayed on the field enough together to max their potential and do just enough to get a SB

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