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Default Re: Season over

I can't believe anyone is mad at Suisham. Dude's been perfect this year with the exception of a 54-yarder on the road which would be hard for any kicker to make, he already had made a 52 yarder in this game alone and was absolute money all last week. NO other kicker we can get would be a better option, I'm surprised nobody notices the musical chairs around the league that is the Kicker position every year. He's not Jeff Reed but he's better than any Billy Cundiff or Olindo Mare we could replace him with.

I think there is some overreaction to this, 4-12 is a bit unrealistic as is anything less than 7-9 to me. But only 8-10 wins this year is certainly likely and I WILL be surprised if we make the playoffs this year.

The OLine injuries are getting ridiculous, we need a training staff overhaul or something because this happens way too frequently year in and year out and it can't be shear bad luck anymore, these guys must not be in top physical condition or something.

The secondary is awful and it's not just Polamalu's absence, Ike has been atrocious and letting Gay go right when he finally "got it" was the biggest mistake we've made in years. Wouldn't mind a safety and CB with our first two picks next year, although it will surely be a DE and OLB.

Only bright spot is LB play, still not getting as much pressure as I would like to see but Timmons and Foote looked good and Worilds looked good and always seemed to be around the QB. Harrison isn't 2008 Harrison but is closer to himself than Woodley had looked in the first few games, even though that may have been more scheme-related.

Ben is Ben, nothing else to say about him. He made a few throws that made me wonder WTF he saw but he still kept us in the game and had us in position to win with a minute left. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we traded him back in 2010, we think we're bad now, we'd surely be drafting top 5 in the next draft had we ditched him, maybe even #1 overall.

This loss to me, as with many others, comes down to that final field goal decision. Very poor coaching choice, it's one thing to try that long ass FG with a solid defense behind you but you could see that Titans drive coming from a mile away and a 54-yarder should NEVER be considered a "sure thing." Much better off letting your QB who's fantastic in "must convert" situations go for it there or punting it to give the swiss-cheese defense a bit more breathing room, if only a little bit.
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