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Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
i cant see how some of you can talk bad about our kicker, he has done an awesome job and missed a very hard kick by about a yard. we have way to many problems on the defensive side of the ball to compete. we let CJ double his ypc on the year against us. either we are going to get healthy midseason and make a run or were going to get a higher draft pick then usual and can grab a shut down saftey or a dominant OLB'er. either way i will be watching every game. hopefully our defense steps it up but it hard to see Troy making that much of a difference. as for Woodley, i perfer Worilds
Agreed. That 54-yard attempt was the worst of four options. Punt, try to draw them offsides and then punt, go for it, attempt FG.

Tomlin never has been a good game day coach. These bad moves come as no surprise..
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