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Default Re: We should try???

Originally Posted by beer72 View Post
Thanks thats all im trying to say. YEA Haley lookin out for Ben not to get hurt but at 2-2 you gotta roll the dice a little. Whats the point come Jan if Bens healthy and we are 8-8?
This offense has gone from one extreme to the other. From BA's constant bubble screens and 7 step drops, to Haley with this small ball shit (and bbl screens last night) and predictable first down runs. I mean what's wrong with having an offense that can do both, hit you with short to imtermediate routes, AND taking 5-6 shots downfield a game with one of the fastest receiving corps in the league? He is getting Heath more involved as well as the RBs in the passing game, but c'mon, this offense still is inconsistent at best.

I was one of the main people screaming for BA to go. Todd Haley so far has not done much to make me forget the BA experience. He'd better get this offense cranking. Everybody has dropped 30 on the Titans, yet we struggled to score 23. We have way too much talent for this bullshit.

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