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Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
How does a trainer prevent a 350 pound lummox from collapsing your knee because he can't keep his feet? Gilbert has taken out THREE players' knees this year because he gets ragdolled so much. He's looking like a bust.

In fact, Pouncey is the only linemen worth his salt, and Gilbert took him out.

We've had several below average drafts in a row and we're going to be reaping the pain for years to come.
That's the thing. Steelers OL, and Gilbert especially, are constantly being driven into the backfiled by the opposing D-linemen.

They are getting tossed around like ragdolls, and as a result, they're often driven or tossed into their own teammates who are usually struggling to handle their own blocking assignments respectfully, causing some of the injuries we've seen.

Also, in the run game, they don't get a lot of push, and the LOS is often reset 2 yds. in the Steelers backfield way too often.

This certainly raises the question, are the Steelers offensive linemen strong enough to go against the defenders they face week in and week out? It's a legitimate question. Which makes questioning the competency of the strength and conditioning coach entirely legit.

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