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Default Re: The Official "I'm so angry" Thread

I'm not angry...I was after Denver and Oakland, but I've accepted that this is just not a very good team. Injuries have hurt, no doubt, but that's part of it.

Troy is injury prone. Woodley apparently is, too. James is near the end and is injury prone. That isn't luck, it's a trait, like speed, smarts, strength. We have some aging, injury-prone players that can't be counted on.

Keisel and Hampton are done. Why they're still playing is a mystery. Ike appears to be done. Foote is playing hard but he's the very definition of average.

My expectations on the season now are to see young players emerge, but I'll probably be disappointed there, too, since LeBeau will sink or swim with his over-the-hill gang. Eventually, though, Hampton and Keisel will completely break down physically and maybe we get a chance to see some of the younger guys.

That's the only hope there is right now - that the young guys can replace the vets when they eventually retire. Worilds is impressing the past two weeks, thankfully. Want to see more of Heyward, McClendon, and Ta'amu.

Also want to see our young CB's play physical. They did better that way last night, but when LeBeau fell back on his soft zone, they gave up easy tosses.

Maybe that's the ultimate goal of the season - getting rid of DL. He's playing 90's football.
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