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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
no doubt.

it is a disgrace to lose our starting center, right tackle and number 1 and 2 running backs in a single game (and have to sweat out 2 of our 3 remaining safetied writhing around in pain on the field).

oh and ramon foster got hurt as well.

no current coach can admit it, but every former coach will-

having 16 games on thursday night is complete bullshit. that is too little recovery time for these atheletes who play a violent game, especially the atheletes who are a bit older and ESPECIALLY for the road team.

roger goodell and the owners are about 1 thing and 1 thing only, and that is increasing revenue.

as long as it isnt a head or neck injury (or a knee injury to a star qb like brady) they dont care who gets hurt in the process.

i will just laugh at those who continue to blame lebeau who has forgotten more football than any message board fan and most coordinators in the league know.

i dont hate suisham, but i certainly dont trust him from beyond 45 yds. his 53 yarder was a good kick just a yard too short. our special teams are definitely hurting this season. 10 days off couldnt have come at a better time.
I never understood playing thursday night 4 days after...

Might as well dress em in skirts!
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