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Default Re: Tomlin's stock dropping

Well, after the 2nd quarter was done, I can't really say I was disappointed with the outcome of the game because I've already seen in coming. I've never seen the Steelers play that flat and ever win, regardless of the opponent.

With that said, we just have to face the music, this isn't a championship team this year. The team started off the season with way too many injuries and is even more banged up this year. We can't help that situation, but take any team without key starters and they aren't the same.

Wallace is not worth the money. He's good for a home run threat and that's about all. If he's willing to play for 9 mil or less, then maybe. Fitz money? hell no, he's gonna be on the unemployment line if he asks any other team for that much money as well. He's a good receiver but he's definitely not in the elite class with fitz and megatron. his give up attitude more makes him a potential cancer on the team, and I'm not sure if I want to pay anyone with an attitude like that. what kind of message will that send to the team, you can be a quitter and still be paid? I don't think that's how the steelers organization works and I have a feeling he will walk.

Something needs to be done about troy and harrison. I loved these guys throughout their career but with all their constant injuries, it is risky business to pay these guys the amount of money they're getting when they're almost guarnateed to be injured half of the season or more. If anything, we need to draft a replacement for troy, mundy and will allen are what they are, backups. I see no starter potential in either.

Regardless of the injuries, I don't see a sense of urgency in this team at all, even dating back to last week. A good team generally rebounds strong after a tough loss, and I didn't see that in the Eagles game. Sure, we won, but we left a lot of plays on the field, and could have / should have played a lot better. The blame is on Tomlin for not keeping these guys in check. All this talk about the Titans being desperate at 1-4, well the steelers being considered a championship contender should also be desperate at 2-2. Sense of urgency? It looks like they're going through the motions. Is it time for him to unleash hell? lol. Tomlin is accountable for getting the team ready to play, and he has failed on that miserably this year.

It is what it is, we don't have a very good football team right now, and I have a feeeeeeling Pittsburgh's NOT going to the super bowl. All I'm saying is if anyone's still expecting playoffs this year, don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen.
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