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Default Re: Ike Taylor Sucks Pt2

After having dreams of pushing Ike Taylor into oncoming traffic, I realized that is exactly what is going to happen when we play teams that are of playoff caliber. Giants, Baltimore, even Cinci are going to STEAM ROLL this defense, and the worst part is, it's too late to do anything about it.

Lebeau's schemes are tired and useless, as evident by the play this year. Hardly any pass pressure by the D line...on the Titans...the FRIGGING TITANS!!! The secondary couldn't stop my grandmother from getting open. They are absolutely hopeless and pathetic, and the star of that shit-show is Ike Taylor, who truly has no right to be on a football field. EVERY week he costs this team at LEAST one score. Last night it was 4. I can't understand why he continues to play 10 yards off receivers. He is repugnant.

The ONLY players on defense who should receive a paycheck for last nights atrocity's are Clark and Timmons who seem like the only players out there with any heart and fortitude. THE ONLY ONES TRYING!!!

I used to look forward to watching our defense play and had confidence they would stop an 80 yard drive, now its automatic. It's who can score the last touchdown or field goal because you know we can't stop shit.
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