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Default Re: When you can't beat the stiffs...

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
like i said before, this game was a line in the sand. If we don't win this, we don't deserve the playoffs.

it's not like the schedule gets easier from here, the first 5 games were the easy ones. now? don't be disappointed if we suffer some embarassing losses down the stretch. and count on getting swept by the ravens again
Agreed, the game in Baltimore and the game @ the NYG are going to be embarrassing as hell. There have been a few games over the last few years that tell the tale if you look back at them, at least IMO. Getting picked apart in the SB vs the Packers (and the Pats and Saints earlier that year) showed every body how to beat us. Then Week 1 @ Baltimore last year was the beginning of the end for the group we have now (and IMO the coach too). Followed by the 2nd game vs Baltimore where the defense officially left and still hasn't came back. I don't put too much into the Denver/Tebow game because we only had a few healthy starters, but some may list that too. But to me the final blow was the Raiders game 2 weeks ago. I'm sure we'll win a few more games at home, but at this point I'm willing to sit a few losing seasons out while the team COMPLETELY rebuilds, it just needs to be done now while Ben can still lead the newly rebuilt team. But this is Tomlin's team for years to come, so not only will we not completely rebuild, we won't fix the number 1 problem....coaching. This notion that "the Steelers don't rebuild they reload is nonsense. This team and a lot of the players on it have had a great run for years, and in the past we have been able to just "reload", but that's not going to be the case this time. In order to only "reload" there has to be a foundation and there is not one on this defense. Timmons seems to have many off games, Woodley can't stay healthy, Hood is average at best, and nearly every body else only has 1-3 years...time to rebuild.
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