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Default What we've learned...

The Steelers are dull and dimwitted. They are shockingly predictable and their losses are telegraphed right from the outset. Just as in the Raider game, I knew that they were going to lose right from the kick off.

What we learned from last night...

Thursday night football is murder, it sucks for both teams and it is a crippling disadvantage to have to play. Every team in the league should be forced to play a Thursday night game to even the playing field.

Apparently, the Steelers went in the game last night with no offensive gameplan. They decided to just wing it. That was cute.

The "Standard" is mediocre and average at best. This year's Steelers are just not that good and that's putting kindly. The only reason they won against the Eagles last week was because of Santa Claus, aka Mike Vick.

Tomlin is a chummy cheerleader. He's not a disciplinarian or master tactician. He's more like an Amway representative who reads tea leaves and believes in "The Secret". Consequently, the Steelers have an undisciplined ADD team that space out throughout games. It has been the signature of Tomlin's teams for quite some time now.

The Steelers have piss poor talent in the secondary. Ike Taylor has been pass interfering for the last few years. Now the league is catching up and calling him out on it. Any defensive back who can't catch the simplest of balls should be cut immediately.

The Steelers have the most poorly conditioned Oline in the league supported by the worst training staff. You could initially chalk it up to bad luck but now it is a serious trend. I've never seen such frail athletes. They need some beef up front who are flexible and athletic not just strong lumbering oafs who can't touch their toes.

Ben, who had an incredible run at no longer clutch. He just isn't. He choked in the Super Bowl and he has been choking for the last couple of seasons. I used to feel confident for the Steelers when it came to late 4th quarter drives but not anymore. It seems that things are evening out for Ben in his career. The guy you could always count on now struggles to get it done. Moving your kicker for a 54 yarder is not getting it done. He was just off last night. He forced a lot of balls and was just barely over a 50% completion percentage.

This team can't win on the road. Why? Because the crowd noise really affects the slow offensive line. They can't burst off the ball quickly on their chosen count like they can at home. They will continue to lose road games.

Finally, this team can no longer play situational football. Get a good return to the 50? Offense goes three and out. Get a turnover at midfield? Offense moves it 8 yards and kicks. Drive to the red zone to close out the half. Ben craps the bed and throws a telegraphed interception. They consistently fail to read the game. They lack concentration and discipline. This all comes down to coaching. If the chummy coach lets them get away with it in practice, it is going to show up in games.

The season is indeed far as playoffs are concerned. The Steelers are painted into a very tight corner. With injuries, age, ADD coaching, bad play calling and poor conditioning and discipline, you can stick a fork in this year's edition. Let the downward slide begin.
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