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Default Re: Youth. Competition, Decisiveness (bonus for Health)

I doubt there is a conspiracy lol...

The fact is, the so called "standard" that Tomlin blabbedout weeks ago, doesn't really exist. Like Obama he isjust telling people want they want to hear.
His team is in piss poor physical condition. Muscle pulls all over the place. Troy never stretches with the team yet is always pulling. The stretching before the game is a joke. Woodley legs are pure muscle yet stretches like a dog just waking up from the nap.

But I was comfrted when Tomlin said, he takes responsibility? Thats like a child doing something annoying over and over and apologizing each time he does it, yet to just do it again. Did he take responsibility for leaving Ike on the field? I didn't hear much about that in the pieces I listened too.

OX, you really need to agree with Tony, that is suppose to be the "standard" here.
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