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Default Re: We should try???

We should try playing DEFENSE!

Granted, I'm not a "Haley Fan" yet, but I'll give the Offense a pass for this game because of the sudden and rather devastating injuries to FOUR key players suffered during the game.
Yet despite those injuries, the Offense still managed to put up 24 points which by anyone's measure ought to be MORE THAN ENOUGH to beat a bunch of stiff's with a backup QB.

But Noooooo...

Our "NUMBER ONE DEFENSE" still found a way to let one of the worst teams in the league march up and down the field countless times, converting 3rd and 10's into firt downs as if they were being offered for free and allowing YET ANOTHER LATE-GAME 80-YARD SCORING DRIVE, which is what -- the sixth or seventh one just this year alone?

Ah, but the "Stat-Junkies" will point to the "awesome numbers" our NUMBER ONE DEFENSE puts up which of course means absolutely nothing when there are less than 5 minutes left in a game and some team needs a score because at that particular moment in the game, we seem to do everything short of escorting the other team's ball-carriers down the field so they won't have too much trouble crossing the goal line --- OUR goal line.

After all, why should we bother ourselves with such things when we can just blame Tomlin or Polamalu's leg or the Mayan Calendar instead of pointing the finger where it clearly belongs --- in Dick LeBeau's face!?
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