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Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
Problem is he's no longer 24 and doesn't have that 4.3 speed anymore.
actually this is false. ike is still one of the top 3 fastest on the team and has the straightline speed to hang with any WR. Until this year, I have never really noticed how many receivers hes been glued to running down the field, and how they get away with grabbing his arm and throwing him off his stride. britt did it last night, just like maclin did the week before and i think heyward bey (4.3 speed) 2 weeks before that.

the problem is the book is now out on taylor and after all his years in teh league, teams have finally figured out what steelerfans have known all along.

ike taylor cant catch.

not only does he have hands of stone, he doesnt play the ball well (which is probably a residual effect of him having hands of stone).

teams are no longer avoiding throwing at him. there is little risk in doing so, even when the man is covered.

hasselbecks passes were rainbow lolli-pops tossed up for grabs. if teams throw deep on ike it is usually resulting in a PI call. he's doing it more because he is thrown at more.

teams are also using more slants and crossing patterns with their "deep threat" wr's against him.

just saying that ike is slower now is giving absolutely no credit to other teams who might be experimenting (denver in playoffs) and doing their homework & devising a gameplan to attack a specific players weakness.

its in ikes head now and he is definitely overcompensating with the penalties. perhaps he isnt getting away with alot of the hand jostling he used to be able to get away with as well.
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