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Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
Playoffs are out of the question. It's just stat padding time now.
The thing is, people still have "mathematical optimism". We only have 3 losses, and 10-6 gets you in the playoffs.

So, despite how they've played much of this season, they only look forward and ignore what the Steelers, as Tomlin would say, have put on tape.

As the week progresses, memories of the week before fade and anticipation of the upcoming game builds, spirits buoyed by nothing tangible other than simple hope. By game day, everyone is geeked up for the big rebound game. We're still in this!

And then the team that can't run the ball, can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, has shoddy special teams, leads the league in penalties, and makes bonehead in-game decisions plays another 60 minutes of garbage football.

Not to worry, but mid-week we'll be talking of how we could still go 8-2 and make the playoffs.

The cycle will continue until we're mathematically eliminated. Watch - even if we slip to 2-6, there will be those calling for a running of the table. And if we slip to 2-7, we'll have threads like "Here's what needs to happen to make the playoffs at 9-7".
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