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Default Re: What we've learned...

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
All true... The Steelers are in a recession. We are all in for at least ten years of mediocrity. Tomlin extinguished one hell of a good team.
Not 10 years. The Rooney's won't allow it go that long this time around. I think we will be LESS then mediocre as long as Tomlin is here UNLESS he starts getting some good draft picks on defense. I think the offense has MORE then enough talent to be successful, the talent on offense is far superior to most teams, therefore the draft picks need to be spent on defense. As I showed earlier, Tomlin has not done very well with defensive picks. If he starts getting some good draft picks to at least replace a few of the vets, then we'll be back to mediocre. If not, then this team will stink something fierce for a year or two. After that I see a change being made. No disrespect but at his age Rooney could die any time. I'm sure he want's to see another championship and that's only going to come with Ben still on the team. Unfortunately Ben has seemingly lost his 4th quarter magic, so it will be an uphill battle more then ever. It can be done, the spirit of the Steelers organization is not dead nor will it ever be, these players and coaches just don't seem to play with it right now. Somewhere down the line after we get some good defensive draft picks and the proper adjustments are made (coaches and players), another Cowher/Porter/Farrior/Ward will come along and teach the new guys what it means to be a Steeler, and then we will be back in contention.
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