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Default Re: Tomlin's stock dropping

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
I started being disappointed with Tomlin shortly after I realized how bad Arians was. Arians --about half way through the first season; Tomling about 4 games later. Tomlin hasn't changed my mind yet. He's a poser.
I was willing to give him more of a leash. We did win a SB after all That said, he has awful game management skills. He may be a players coach but it is to his detriment. He keeps players in the starting lineup that should be on the pine i.e. Keisel, Hampton this year and Gay for several. I don't lay much blame on Colbert. He addressed all our needs but Tomlin won't play these guys. The real proof to me is that he is supposed to be a defensive back minded coach and our units are consistently bad. Not a single db from his regime could start on any other team. I am sure he has a lot of input on the players that are drafted at the corner position so either he is awful at scouting, player development, or both. I get the sense that Tomlin doesn't game plan at all as evidenced by our flat performances over the years. Now this is gonna rub people the wrong way but, him being black gets him a free pass with the media, especially football pundits who all happen to be black. We are basically stuck with him forever, mark my words. He will never be fired. All we can hope for is for him to finally just resign...but good luck with that

Passing on that third down and the subsequent FG attempt should have been enough to wake up the Rooneys but like I said, their stuck with him now.
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