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Default Re: What we've learned...

I can't speak for everyone and say "we", what I learned was the fact that the injuries can and will destroy momentum and can definitely change the attitude of the game. The biggest focus would be on execution, doing your respective job or assignment and "Staying in Your Lane", the game plan is definitely there, it worked against a pretty good Eagles team, it should have worked against a pretty poor (statistically speaking) Titans team. However, games like Thursday's games are what I call "trap games", short week of preparation, coming off of an emotional and physical game four days before, these are all factors. Oh and by the way, this is football, players are expected to play with pain, or even hurt by the true sense of the word, Tomlin and LeBeau need to quit coddling to injuries, if not then "game checks" would reflect. To sum it up, injuries left their mark, short week didn't assist and then to boot three of your first five games have been on the road, not to mention a "Bye" week in week four. Not trying to make excuses but looking ahead to another long break and time off ,as well as opening Divisional play set this game up to be a "Trap Game" and that is what it was. Remember when it comes to NFL football these are all pros, they get paid for what they do and each man does the exact same thing, they all put their pants on "One leg at a time", just like the expression "Any Given Sunday" but in this case "Any Given Thursday"!!!!
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