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Default Re: What we've learned...

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
the giants started off 6-2, and after that, the only losses (other than the redskins) they had were against playoff contenders (SF, packers, eagles, saints).

on the other hand, we're losing to the bottom feeders. Sorry man, as much as I like to be optimistic on the Steelers season, we aren't going anywhere this year. I can understand if we lost to contenders on the road, but those were the worst of the worst. and we lost to them, so what does that make us? lol.
This is the absolute truth.

I wouldn't be so down on the Steelers being 2-3 if their losses were to the 49'ers, Patriots or Texans or others that are in the upper echelon of the NFL.

Instead, their 3 losses are to the Broncos (bottom half of league), Raiders (2nd worst team in league) and Titans (3rd worst team in league). The only thing that has kept the Steelers from losing to the worst team in the league so far is because the Browns are still in the NFL.

And we haven't even played them yet
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