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Default Re: Tomlin's reason for attempting 54-yard FG

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Good decision to go for the field goal. Shaun made a 52-yard kick earlier in the game and cleared the goal post by about 5 yards. Dick Lebeau should take heat for the loss considering his defense allowed the Titans to get well within field goal range.
You know I agree with going for the FG, Suisham just made a 52 yarder that probaly could have been good from 54 or 55, also Tennesee was also finding ways to get pressure to the QB. Now on the flip side if you are going to take a shot on 4th down against the better team in the Eagles with a deep pass to Wallace at least try to do it against a respectfully worse team in the Titans. However at the end of the day, I agree take the shot, you make the FG, you give Hasselbeck a much bigger field to work with, but then again don't ask James Harrison to cover a TE on 3rd down, especially coming on a knee injury, IMO the decision was a good one to go for the FG.
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