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Default Re: Larry Foote: Pittsburgh Steelers struggling mentally

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
I think Foote is playing exceptionally well in his role.

Just like Farrior, his weakness is coverage, but he makes up for it with his speed in pursuit of the QB, and his tackling skills. I think he's better at this point in his career at getting to the QB than Farrior was last year, but he has the same liabilities with coverage, and that's just something we'll need to accept.

Foote is a veteran guy, and he's got what it takes to be a veteran leader, as does Ryan Clark. We had all of this leadership last year, and we didn't make it past round one of the playoffs. It's time for our guys to step up and BE leaders, we can't keep the older guys around forever.
Please don't get me wrong Foote plays with passion, he takes every play personally, however he has never been thrusted in his role. Foote needs to wrap his mind around the fact that other than Troy, James and Lamarr he is the veteran. Foote needs to also understand jst like Jack Lambert, Jack Ham and even James Farrior he is the leader of this defense, the Middle LB in any Steeler defensive schem carries the persona of the "Defensive Leader", he needs to bring all the other players up to his level, that is what leaders do, IMO.
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