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Default Re: Cook: Steelers aren't a very good football team

I agree with all of that.

To me, it is the perfect storm for a poor season. Injuries, the change in offensive philosophies across the league, the rule changes, the inability to run the ball, poor clock management/coaching, penalties, unlucky bounces of the ball, general malaise and apathy, and the absolute refusal of the defense to adjust. Most teams only have one or two of those issues, and they can address them or at least deal with them. We are absolutely plagued with them.

I never said a word about the coaching up to this point. I am starting to question the coaching staff, especially the defense. We absolutely do nothing to stop the other team. We run the same schemes time after time, not matter what the situation. We give yards away like candy.

I watch other division teams, the Ravens for instance, and they are pumped, move the ball, and just seem motivated. They seem to make their own luck. Without Ben and Heath, this is a 6- 10 team. It seems we wait for the other team to make less mistakes than us to win the game. The philosophy seems to be to let the opposition set the tone while we sit back and just wait for them to score or screw up. It is maddening.
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