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Default Re: Cook: Steelers aren't a very good football team

Originally Posted by Killer View Post

deja vu all over again
Even worse. At least in 2009 the majority of our players were still capable of performing at a high level. IMO the 2009 issue was simply playing down to every single scrub team they played. I never watched a game in 2009 expecting them to lose because they were a capable team. Now we just suck, we don't play down to teams cause we are already at or below their level. Nobody on this defense beats the guy in front of them anymore and Ryan Clark is the only consistant defender and the only one who plays with heart still. After the Raiders loss I knew that was it and have kind of been expecting losses, the team is just not capable. What's ridiculous is that we have loads of talent on offense and for some reason they have just decided to let their play drop off. The WR's have done poorly the last 2 games at not only getting open, but hanging on to the ball, and the running game is bad enough to make a true Steeler fan sick to his stomach. I expexct the offense to pick it back up, but I don't expext that to get us many W's. After all 2009 was a career high year for Ben yet a low point for the team, and that was with many of our defensive players still at or around the top of their game.
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