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Default Re: What we've learned...

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
in 1995 we didn't lose to oakland (we actually beat them at their house). losing rod woodson was a huge blow in game 1 but we did have carnell lake to take his place. we have no such kind of player to replace troy or harrison. Also in that 3-4 start somewhere I believe Neil got banged up and mike tomczak had to start.

this year is much different. teams we are losing to are in the bottom 10. More power to you if you are optimistic but I'm willing to bet anyone money that we will not be going to the super bowl this year. I would like to be wrong but I'm just facing reality
First part of 1995 season was a train wreck - Woodson tore his ACL and O'Donnell was hurt in the season opener. After losing to bad teams including the first year Jax Jags (4-12) and Bengals (7-9) in week 7, Cowher opened up the offense as Gailey started getting involved in the playcalling, even though Erhardt was still OC, and Slash Stewart appeared .

I agree I do not see any such turnaround this season - I really expected a breakout year on offense but this team is lucky to score 24 points a game, which will not cut it with a defense in rapid decline
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