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Default Re: What we've learned...

I think you guys are in for a few very miserable seasons. I think your problems are just beginning and I think you're stuck with them for awhile because I think that problem is Tomlin who I very much doubt the Rooney family is going to get rid of until you crash at rock bottom and will then be faced with a need for a total rebuild. The Steelers Head Coach position has never been a revolving door. On top of that your ownership gave the league The Rooney Rule. I think Tomlin is there to stay.

The sun is about to set on Steelers nation.

In watching the game against the Titans, what I saw is the poorly managed corpse of a Bill Cowher football team. You're old and over paid.

This is the same Tomlin who failed to beat Tim Tebow in the play offs. Injured Steeler team or not, the Patriots destroyed Denver so decisively the next game I can't help but think even an injury-weakened Steeler team should have gotten a comfortable W against them.

Not rubbing salt in your wounds or anything. Just saying what I saw.

I think Tomlin is running your team into the dirt. I would be very concerned, not just for this year, but for what Tomlin might do to your football team for the remainder of the decade.

I really hope you guys can somehow get at least one win against the Ravens.
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