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Default Re: What we've learned...

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
in 1995 we didn't lose to oakland (we actually beat them at their house). losing rod woodson was a huge blow in game 1 but we did have carnell lake to take his place. we have no such kind of player to replace troy or harrison. Also in that 3-4 start somewhere I believe Neil got banged up and mike tomczak had to start.

in 2005 maddox had to sub in the baltimore game, which resulted in a loss that we probably would have won with ben (lost in OT), the next game back we had to play the #1 seed Indy at home, and ben was rushed back into the lineup before he was ready. result = lopsided loss. Other than the jaguars, every team we lost to this season was a playoff team.

this year is much different. teams we are losing to are in the bottom 10. Unlike some losses we dropped in those above years, our starting QB is healthy. More power to you if you are optimistic but I'm willing to bet anyone money that we will not be going to the super bowl this year. I would like to be wrong but I'm just facing reality
Follow me here...

The offense is just starting to click, and it's only going to get better. All that they've needed in two of these games was ONE more competition (to keep the final drive alive). A miss to Heath, in OAK, led to a punt (instead of closing out the game). Likewise, in TENN, a missed pass to Heath on the final drive, forced a 54-yard FG (as opposed to moving a little closer, and kicking a chip-shot FG). Heck, even in DENV, they were a drive away from tying the game.

It's not like the Steelers aren't in these games. And, the offense is only going to get better.

The Colon had a brutal block on the TD run. And, no penalties. Once he stops holding, he is going to move the pile forward. As Marshall Faulk once said, "Give me the line; I'll duo the rest." The Colon is going to give the line... and about a yard more.

DD will come back, and he will give the line, as well.

As will Pouncey.

Now, the next few weeks will be tough, because the OL will be injured, but once it comes together, BB is going to have something that he's never had: a pocket. Sure, Gilbert will allow the occasional defender past him, but now, BB had room to step forward,

On defense, well, this is not the 2008 defense. They ARE going to give up points (but, the offense will simply outscore opponents). And, considering the 2012 passing rules, PITT's defense is basically in the same boat that every other defense is in: up sh*t creek.

TENN's average points per game on offense: 17.
TENN's offensive points against the Steelers, minus the special teams "gimme": 16.
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