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Default Re: What we've learned...

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Tennessee had lost 4 out of their first 5 games by 21 points or more. Pouncey going out didn't seem to change much, the line dropped of when Gilbert went out, and on top of that, it's highly unlikely that our starting O lineman will all be on the field at the same time this season. As far as the defense being up s**** creek, tell that to the Niners. We're in these games because our opponents suck: the Broncos don't look so good now, the Jets look worse then us, the Raiders (no explanation necessary), Vick can't hang on to the ball, and the Titans were summed up on the first line of this post. The schedule actually gets MUCH harder. I wish I had your optimism, but the writing is on the wall.
Yeah, this is kind of how I feel. Bengals and Giants on the road look like sure losses unless the coaches change something up.

We need a new approach on D. Not sure what, but this isn't working. New players, new plan, something.

Otherwise, we're looking at two blowouts and 3-5 at best at the midway point.
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