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Default Re: A Football Life: Cleveland '95

I think with the sudden glaring weaknesses of Rex Ryan, last year Andy Reid, others, and now Tomlin, you can't deny Belichick. You see there's a big difference between someone who knows some football who gets a job and a true first ballot Hall of Famer.

There are few real football visionaries in the league. Some coaches (Rex and perhaps Tomlin) ride the creations of others, knowing something about X's and O's, but fizzle out when their chickens come home to roast.

The Patriots have been a sure bet Superbowl contenders for OVER a decade now. This hasn't been just one year or a short run of years - this has been multiple teams and multiple systems over the course of 13 years. This isn't falling into 9-7 seasons and squeeking into the play offs with no hope. This is real, sustained dominance.

Belichick with ten complete seasons with Brady as a starter quarterback has five Superbowl appearances in ten seasons.

This is with a team he constantly reinvents, has a constantly changing roster for, a constantly changing offense and defensive system and play style.

New England is blessed to have him. Those coaches don't come along often..
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