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Default Re: DEFENSE????

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
True but I still believe that a defense should not fall to pieces because 1 or two players aren't there. It takes a team to win not a single player. If you do lose then there was a problem to begin with that needed addressing. You should have a defense that compensates when there is a weakness there. The Steelers have done that for a few years now consecutively but they are broken this year. There is a huge hole where Troy and Clark should be. One person should not make the defense. That actually shows how weak the new players really are. As stated above in the interview "One could argue that Polamalu and Clark not only have covered the Steelers’ mistakes on the field, per their job description, but also in the drafts" and "There is no fail safe setup for Troy or Clark"? Is our defense really that weak that without Troy we have a weak defense? Is the defense really that pathetic? So far it seems to be true because Thursdays game against the Titans proved my point over and over and over again.

Come on Pittsburgh! Straighten up! Your letting us fans down this year!
P.S. the Baltimore fans are really a mean natured and aggressive fans. I am sick of hearing them bash my team this year.

Speaking of the Ravens...the one thing i would like to see, is our defense take the field each and every time with that rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, hyped up attitude that they almost always have. I'd LOVE to see that.
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