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Default Re: lets put an end to the strangle hold ....

i never heard the guys name until a few days ago....
the corporate owned media protects their investments (politicians) very well.

i've been reading up on him and watching his speeches on youtube. he's pretty much in sync with ron paul , policy and voting wise.
end the wars , remove troops from other countries , end the fed , do away with the irs ,
end the war on drugs...etc
all stuff that makes sense to me...
the problem is , despite the fact that he wants to address all the things common folk should be on board with , the sheeple STILL will stick with the two parties that are destroying this country....
people think that they are "throwing away their vote" , voting for a 3rd party .... i think voting in the same old corrupt scumbags just with a different name is not only throwing away your vote , your also enabling the scumbags who are destroying the country.
i hear people (myself included) bitching that all you can do is try to pick the "lesser" of the 2 evils (vinny included) , so put up or shut up at the for the 3rd option and send a message to the other 2 ...

just 5% could change things forever !!!
“If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” ― James Madison

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