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Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
This is the OVER REACTION thread. Just like ESPN's overreaction Monday spot the have on one of the NFL shows they have.
Most games in the NFL comedown to 2 or 3 plays that determine the outcome.

Against the Titans here is my few plays

1st drive of the game, Wallace drops a ball he should've caught in the end zone, we settle for a field goal (-4 Points)

Blocked punt, giving the Titans the ball at our 1.

Up 23 - 16 Tennessee is on the game tying drive, Keenan Lewis drops a sure pic (reminds me of the 09 raiders game when Burnet dropped a sure pic on the Raiders winning drive) that now is another -7 points (btw if he makes this pic we are saying the defense played well, only allowing 1td after a blocked kick)

Game Tied, Ryan Clark drops a pic on a great effort (no blameing him it would have been a tough play, Just one of those plays we made in 05, 08, 10)

The ridicules decision to kick a 54 yard field goal with 55 seconds left, knowing a miss is likely the kiss of death. That was , IMO, panic coaching.

I said it before the first 6 games were going to be tough because of the travel. I felt if we made it through 4-2 or 3-3 we would be ok. Injuries are not accounted for but they happen.

I will say this though, Tomlin needs to take Ike and sit his ass on the bench. his two or three PI or defensive holding enalties every game are killing us, not to mention his poor coverage. Start Cortez Allen in that spot, mae Ike the dime DB. When Cowher did that to Ike, it made Ike a much better player, needs to happen again.

I predict no worse than 10-6 and a playoff berth.

BTW I know that more than 3 or 3 but you get the idea.
So other than consistently bad play and bad decisions, we're fine? And you're only pointing to game changing plays we can't make. Feel free to list out all of that stiff Hasslebeck's easy completions, or the struggling Chris Johnson's gashes of our defense on a routine basis.

A good team blows out Tennessee, it doesn't need to "find a way to win" against what everyone thought was the worst team in football.
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