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Default Re: strength & conditioning coaches - should they be looked at?

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
How do you stop players from getting hurt when someone rolls up on their leg?

As far as strains and pulls, who is hurt? Woodley and Troy? Is that an abnormally high number?
Look, I have no answer for any of this.

All I know is that in the forty years I've followed this team, I cannot remember a time during which we have had so many injuries to so many lineman as I've seen in the last few seasons.

Whether that's got something to do with the training staff or conditioning or technique -- or whether it's just a really big coincidence is anyone's guess.

But you have to admit that the injury situation is pretty strange when you look at it historically.

Put another way, these last few seasons are the first time I can remember where when I refer to a player on the O-line I feel as if I have to add: "This week" after mentioning his name.
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