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Default Re: Mendenhall critical of Pittsburgh fans in Tennessee

Originally Posted by Goldsteel86 View Post
You know, tweets like this should be avoided just like his tweet about "Terrorism" which he quickly tried to take back. I would have one thing to say to Rashard, please consider the fans you are critical of, consider the game tickets they purchased, the money they paid to travel, the hotel rooms they paid for, the jersey's they paid for and wore to the game. The Terrible towels they were waving (which they paid for) and the beer they were drinking, so here is how I would break it down:

Airfare: $500 (At Least)
Jersey: $200 (On a Good Day or E-Bay)
Terrible Towel: $20
Hotel Room: $100 (Depending on Availability)
Food: $100 (Depending on their length of stay)
Beer: $8 (per beer)
Game Tickets: $100 (For Nose Bleed)

Now if my math and college education serves me well, that is I hope it does, that is at least $1000 for the "well traveled" fan that he chooses to knock, I can guarantee he makes at least triple to five times as much as that in the check that he gets every week. Instead of knocking the Steeler fans who traveled to the game, maybe he needs to thank them for their support, if not shut your mouth and produce, especially from a guy who only has played five quarters in a five game season thus far. I would appreciate it if he just would have said "Thank You and Have a Nice Day' but instead he didn't, really nice Rashard, maybe he needs to get paid and live like the fans who traveled and supported the Steelers! Especially in today's economy, maybe the person he should have been critical of would have been himself and his teammates!!!!
Dude, team has won 6 Big Ones, tops in the modern there is bound to be lean years or developmental spending all that money doesn't guarantee a championship....

so you want him to humble himself in the face of rude and crude fans?
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