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Default Re: lets put an end to the strangle hold ....

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
My belief is that Romney will win. My hope is that it will be by enough that that 5% is accommodated because it would be a mandate to pay attention and include, and set the stage to change the landscape.

There is a significant number among the electorate that approach these reality shows with the resignation that a vote for one is a vote against the other. There isn't conviction for either side. That is probably most the case on the R side. I think that a strong showing by a Gubnor Johnson would encourage a lot more on that side to vote their real position.

Me personally? This election is too important to not vote against the stalinist rat bastard.
i don't expect johnson to win and i doubt johnson thinks he has a realistic chance in hell ...its about getting some much needed fresh blood injected into the electorial process. its about letting the the other 2 know that the citizens are sick of being ingnored. it'll serve as a reminder that the government is there to serve the people not the other way around.
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