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Default Re: Tomlin's stock dropping

Originally Posted by steelfan23 View Post
For Tomlin apologists I just want to know a few things. Is he good at time management i.e. when to use time outs, challenge plays, manage field position, execution of end of quarter plays? To me the answer is a resounding no. Is he a good evaluator of talent? Well, being a db minded coach he has been a part of a Steelers organization that has failed to field a competent db since he started here. Is he a good x and o's coach? Well, it's really hard for any of us to truly know but based on how our team never makes adjustments, sticks with what doesn't work, and gets outcoached pretty much every time the team plays against a team with a good head coach and QB I say no.

So media praising aside, I mean, Dungy gets praised all the time and that guy is maybe the most overrated coach of all time, what has Tomlin done or what is he so good at that makes any of you think he is a good coach? He went to that first SB based largely on a ready made team with a franchise type QB, a veteran Lebeau led defense against a weak SB opponent. We lucked out in that SB plain and simple btw. We deserve the win but could have easily have lost. We were clearly outplayed and outcoached against GB.

My concern is that the NFL moved to a passing league big time in the time since ARI SB. We happed to luck out and have a good core of offensive weapons yet we are not a prolific offense. We see this trend happening and in all those years we (until this draft) failed to really address the offensive line which would help turn us into a passing team with a better chance of success, and we fail to shore up our secondary which even against ARI was woefully unprepared to compete and obvious to the rest of the league.

Sure Colbert has a part in this but Tomlin does as well. So again, please provide concrete examples of his greatness.
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