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Default Re: Mendenhall critical of Pittsburgh fans in Tennessee

Originally Posted by RichardCullinanForever View Post
I'm okay with a below average team going out every Sunday and playing their hearts out and maybe ending the season with 7 or 8 wins. That's fine in my book, and the Steelers have surely had those types of teams. Yet, when we have the talent we have (at least on offense - I haven't seen much of anything from our defense), and we go out and look like a bunch of underachieving bums, I think it is our duty as fans to make that fact known. Besides Ben, our offense looks like a bunch of bums. Our play calling is garbage (run on first, screen on second, incomplete on third for a three and out), the effort by our "best" wide receiver is sickening, and the offensive line has no focus and holds on virtually every play. Yeah, these guys are playing like a bunch of bums.

Our Achilles Heal is our defense, but as history has shown, an average defense (which I would say our defense is - not good, not bad, just average) can be enough to get to the big game. We just need our underachieving offense to do their job. I have no clue how a team with the talent we have a WR, TE, and QB struggles, I mean consistently and utterly struggles, to put up 30 a game. We should be putting up 30+ every single game, period.
Its still Bruce Arians fault we are not scoring 30 plus. Hell its probably BA's fault our defense sucks.
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