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Default Re: Terry Bradshaw not impressed with Drew Brees.

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i don't usually agree with Smizik but some of his Bradshaw comments, unfortunately, are true.

But in this case, i agree with Terry. I've never liked Brees. He's an absolute arrogrant pr**k, who portrays this fals image of "such a nice guy" (and thats all it is, image...), meanwhile, he constantly takes his usually arrogant pot shots at others and forced the N.O. franchise to just about mortgage their entire future so he gets paid and nobody else.
As far as play on the field, the SOB heaves the ball in the air nearly every play. Why do they even have a running back....other than to block for Brees? He threw it almost 700 times last year.
So he passed for 5000+ yards. SO WHAT.
If every QB in the league threw it almost 700 times a year, they'd have 5000+ yards and 50 TD's too. I am NOT, nor have i ever, been impressed with Brees.
Actually NO had a pretty good running game last year...

And so what they throw a lot, since Payton and Brees got there they've consistently fielded one of the best offenses in the league. Why should they go away from what's make Drew Brees appear more amicable in your eyes? Who cares...
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