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Default Re: 2012 draft class

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
5 games into the "rookie" season and this class is a disappointments. WOW!
You can't predict injuries, Adams was drafted for depth. These drafts usually take a couple of years to determine success or failure. My bet this will be hailed as a very good draft for years to come.
Adams wasn't drafted for depth, before the pre-season they intended for him to start at LT....Max Starks wasn't even on the roster

Adams level of suck thus far has taken them aback. They've been scared as hell of him
when hes been in there......All those Bubble screens last Thursday was a direct result of Adams presence

I hope they can work some voodoo on him.....but he's looking more like a 4th or 5th round project then a stud that we stole in the 2nd

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